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Roofwalks walkways are your low-cost solution to damage caused by rooftop foot traffic. On membrane, built-up, foam and coated roofs, they protect against puncture, abrasion and wear. On standing-seam metal without causing seam distortion,“dishing” or harmful stress to roof panels. Steel planks are strong yet light- weight, making installation quick and easy. Thanks to special system hardware, no roof penetration is required for anchoring. Roofwalks are versatile and adapt to any roofing system.

Rooftop maintenance trips are a com- mon occurrence. This is especially so for most business and industrial buildings equipped with fans, blowers and exhaust units mounted on their roofs.

Periodic checks of these rooftop units provide the opportunity for accidental roof panel damage due to foot traffic. Standing-seam roofs, along with built- up roofs and single-ply membrane roofs, all present certain problem areas for roof leakage, damage and safety hazards for workers.

Potential problems can be avoided with the installation of a Rooftop walkway system. The unique support system allows convenient access to rooftop equipment and fixtures. ROOFWALKS distribute weight loads “evenly”, and install without roof penetration. This permits workers to walk “safely” on an anti-skid surface with no seam distortion or excessive stress to the roof.

Installing a ROOFWALKS Rooftop Walkway system will help prevent an accident wait- ing to happen. They prevent roof leaks from occurring -PLUS- provide for worker’s safety with a “visible sidewalk.”

Field tested and proven for over a decade. ROOFWALKS rooftop-walkways are simply the best for product value and performance.

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